Passengers can schedule their Uber ride

America’s leading multinational online transportation company was started in 2009 by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick. The business operates in sixty five countries, including major cities and also the remote areas. The business values sixty two million dollars. The riders can avail the service by downloading the ride sharing app in their mobile phone and register in the service. So if a rider wishes to ride they send the request using the mobile app and the app shows the list of available drivers nearby and the charges of the ride. At the end of the ride, the riders are asked to rate the drivers and the drivers are asked to rate the riders. The service accepts only credit card payment, while cash payment is introduced in some countries.

On May 9th, 2016 Uber announced that they are allowing their UberX riders to schedule their ride before thirty days and this service is available only for the riders in Seattle and the riders who have registered their business profile in the ride sharing app. The business profile can be registered by including their work email address in their profile. The least minimum schedule time for a rider to book a cab is only thirty minutes to write Zoplay reviews. The company has plans to expand their service with many other cities in the United States and broaden the service in other features like UberBlack and UberPool.

The surge pricing is available even for the scheduled rides where the riders will be notified whether they ride is inclusive of the surge price. So, if the rider wants to cancel their scheduled ride they can cancel even before five minutes of their ride without paying the cancellation fees. The riders in Los Angeles have to pay two dollars if they arrive after the scheduled time for the UberPool feature.


The need for the ride sharing services

There were days when people had to wait for a long time to ride a taxi and taxis were not available during late hours or in remote places. And the rides were very expensive. But after the launch of the ride sharing services in the United States the people ride back home without any delay. The ride sharing service provided by Lyft and Uber is popular among the public because of lower fares, minimal waiting time and are available even in the sub-urban and rural areas.

A person who owns a car can register with the ride sharing company and ferry the passengers and earn money for their living. As the name indicates the riders can share their ride with other riders who are riding in the same direction. This feature is called a carpooling and the cost of using this service lesser than the normal ride and it id eco-friendly. To get started with a ride service, the rider must first download the ride sharing app on their mobile phone and then proceed with the registration process along with the credit card details. Then the rider can select their destination and the app shows the price, the waiting time and the details of the driver. After reaching the desired location the rider is asked to do on Uber for X platform  rate the driver and vice-versa.

The ride sharing companies offer different service and the packages differ depending on those services. In the case of Lyft they provide several services like a private and standard car with lower cost. In the LyftPlus service comes with a private car with 6 seats, which is comfortable for a group ride of family outing. And the final service is called the LyftLine which features the carpooling service and the fare is lesser than the normal service. The same way Uber offers several services, a standard car that comes with 4 seats is called the UberX service, and the UberXL service is slightly different from the standard service where the vehicle is either a minivan or SUV with 6 seats preferred for a group ride. The UberSELECT, earlier known as UberPlus comes with luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes or Audi and has 4 seats. This service is quite expensive than the other services.